Major Manufacturers and Employeers


Birch Communications
Senior Manager, Gerry Poerch
1420 C of E Drive
(800) 400-9347
-telecommunication service
-number of employees: 102

Better Life Technologies
Director of Operations, Doug Caron
1201 Hatcher Street
-manufactures vinyl garage floor coverings
-number of employees: 75

BPE, Inc.
President, Bob Finlay
890 Road 160
-manufacturer of archery products
-number of employees: 6

Bunge Corporation
Facility Manager, Kevin Collins
700 East 5th Avenue
(620) 342-7270
-processors pf soybeans and meal
-number of employees: 67

Camoplast Solideal
Plant Manager, Jason Collins
1601 East South Avenue
(620) 340-6500
-manufacturer of rubber products
-number of employees: 110

Cargill Animal Nutrition
Plant Manager, Rick Lovelady
841 Graphic Arts Road
-manufacturers dry pet food for national distribution
-number of employees: 42

City of Emporia
Interim City Manager. Mark McAnarney
522 Mechanic Street
-city government
-number of employees: 240

Detroit Diesel Remanufacturing
Plant Manager, Joe Bradshaw
840 Overlander Road
-diesel engine assembly & remanufacturing
-number of employees: 121

Emporia State University
President, Dr. Michael Shonrock
1200 Commercial Street
-four year university
-number of employees: 737

EVCO Wholesale Food Corporation
Skip Evans
309 Merchant Street
-wholesale food distributor
-number of employees: 140

Fanestil Meats
President, Dan Smoots
P.O. Box 629
(620) 342-6354
-wholesale meat processing & distribution
-number of employees: 66

Flint Hills Technical College
President, Dr. Dean Hollenbeck
3301 W 18h Avenue
-technical college
-number of employees: 78

Glendo Corporation
President, Donald J. Glaser
900 Overlander Drive
-manufactures specialized tools for engraving
-number of employees: 54

Hill’s Pet Nutrition
Plant Manager, Darren Haverkamp
4000 South Weaver Street
-manufacturers pet food
-number of employees: 123

Holman Distribution
General Manager, Mike Floriani
400 South Weaver, Suite A
-warehousing, shipping, transportation
-number of employees: 53


Hopkins Manufacturing Corporation
President, Brad Kraft
428 Peyton Street
-manufacturers quality automotive parts
-number of employees: 221

Hostess Brands, LLC
Plant Manager, Todd Crook
1525 Industrial Road
-manufacture bakery products
-number of employees: 320

Kansa Technology, LLC
CEO, Jerry Waddell
3700 Oakes Drive
-manufacturer of printing equipment
-number of employees: 18

Lyon County
402 Commercial Street
-county government
-number of employees: 254

Newman Regional Health
Administrator, Robert Wright
1201 West 12th Avenue
-number of employees: 430

Norfolk Iron & Metal Co.
Plant Manager, Jeff Bessmer
1701 East South Avenue
-steel distribution center
-number of employees: 144

Red Line Trucking
Owner, Kevin Nelson
2805 Bel Air Drive
-number of employees: 47

Sauder Custom Fabrication
President/General Mgr., Joe Pimple
220 Weaver Street
-custom pressure vessel columns
-number of employees: 70

Simmons Pet Food
Plant Manager, Jason Beyer
1400 East Logan Avenue
-manufacturer of wet dog & cat food
-number of employees: 317

Thermal Ceramics
Plant Manager, Brant Wolff
221 Weaver Street
-refractory ceramic fiber products
-number of employees: 40

Tyson Fresh Meats, Inc.
General Manager, Mike Fiehler
2101 West 6th Avenue
-meat packing plant
-number of employees: 931

U.S.D. #253
Superintendent, Mike Crouch
1700 West 7th Avenue
-public school district
-number of employees: 788

President, Rick Tidwell
2914 West U.S. Hwy 50
-fiber optic broadband internet service provider
-number of employees: 27

Vekteck, Inc.
Manager, Troy Estes
1334 East 6th Avenue
-hydraulic clamping equipment
-number of employees: 88

W.A. Moyer, L.C.
Operations Manager, Don Bauck
1114 East 6th Avenue
-manufacturer of glass level vials
-number of employees: 9




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