Mission & Vision



It is the mission of the Emporia Area Chamber of Commerce to be proactive in creating an environment for business and community success.


Positive attitudes promoting positive actions.


Relationships—We build and enhance relationships, and public/private partnerships. We seek broad, diverse and active participation of our members in programs and in the governance of the organization.

Innovation—We approach change and challenges to encourage innovation and creativity. We will utilize new technologies, delivering programs, services and opportunities.

Excellence—We lead the way by delivering programs, products, and services of the highest quality.

Integrity—We are a credible organization by being open, candid and fair; honoring our commitments; and adhering to the highest ethical standards.

Leadership—We embrace and drive change by being visionary in our thinking, decision making and programming.

Empowered Employees—We are a positive team with a family spirit. We encourage opportunities for personal growth, open communication, and celebration of successes.

Your Board of Directors and staff of the Emporia Area Chamber and Visitors Bureau have worked diligently to resolve positive change by providing our community with broad and diverse service—from legislative awareness, business development to simply assist or have fun with fellow business people of the Emporia Area.

Our bottom line is to provide you, our members, with value. We commit to do our very best to learn from you and guide our organization—simply “for the good of the Emporia area!”

2015 Platforms

The Board of Directors have adopted three platform areas to focus on during the 2015 year. The first is Business Advocacy and Development; the second, Leadership and Membership Development; and the third platform area of focus is Organizational and Operational Sustainability. We invite you to review each of the platform areas and get engaged in your Chamber of Commerce.

Leadership and Membership Development

Leaders create leaders who create leaders. The Emporia Area Chamber of Commerce and Convention & Visitors Bureau is a results-oriented, regional membership organization acknowledged as the leader of the business community. We develop future community leaders. We also strive to be leaders in the state working on enhancing business and tourism initiatives.

We plan to:

Action Plan 1:

Membership Development: We know that membership is the lifeblood of the organization and that we must put emphasis in not only new members, but in retention of our current members.

We Plan To:

Grow membership and retain membership to show a net growth in 2015.
Strengthen our relationships with our current members by showing our appreciation and celebrating their successes.
Provide high-quality, value-added opportunities for members to interact and foster profitable business relationships. Such programs include but are not limited to: Business After Hours, Spring Expo, and professional development workshops.
Monitor and Increase the percentage of members actively participating in Chamber activities and committees.
Maintain and improve established communications tools, including but not limited to, promoting the ValuNet Smart room.

Action Plan 2:

Leadership Development: It is vital for us to develop future Chamber and community leaders and networks.

We Plan To:

Continually seek ways to improve and grow the value and effectiveness of Leadership Emporia.
Explore methods to educate the Leadership Emporia Alumni on the new theories and strategies adopted in the Leadership Emporia program.
Partner with Emporia Next and help establish a foundation for young professionals to stay in our community.
Action Plan 3:

Community Visioning: The Emporia Area Chamber will take the lead in efforts to create a community vision.

We Plan To:

Work in partnership with community organizations to move the visioning process forward.

Business Advocacy and Development

The Emporia Area Chamber of Commerce and Convention & Visitors Bureau is the community’s leading advocate and champion for business. Its primary objective is to create a climate of growth and success in our community and the surrounding area. By leveraging the support, talent, and resources of its diverse businesses and members, the Emporia Area Chamber and Visitors Bureau is one of the leading organizations helping to improve the economic vitality and quality of life for everyone.

We plan to:

Action Plan 1:

Be the #1 Voice for Emporia’s Business Community

The Emporia Area Chamber and Visitors Bureau is an advocate for its broad and diverse member businesses, providing leadership in critical business, social and civic issues.

We Plan To:

Support a 2015 joint Legislative Agenda with other community partners.
Provide opportunities to our members to meet with elected officials.
Increase communications with our members and the public concerning issues vital to the business community.
Expand Chamber’s relationship with elected officials at local, state, and federal levels.
Action Plan 2:

Be proactive in business development for our membership.

We Plan To:

Act as a liaison between business and education by strengthening our partnerships with Emporia State University, Flint Hills Technical College, and all the K-12 institutions.
Educate members on the ways to utilize technology in their business.
Be a recognized resource for business and professional contacts, as well as the premier business improvement network.
Define and develop our relationships throughout the community, create alliances, and take action.

Organizational and Operational Sustainability

The Emporia Area Chamber of Commerce and Convention & Visitors Bureau was given a gift of a beautiful facility in 1996. It is the commitment of the Board of Directors to keep it as a shining front door to our community and its visitors for years to come.

We plan to:

Action Plan 1:

Fundraising: We will continue to explore avenues to raise non-dues revenues within our budget. In looking at these avenues, we will keep our members in mind and look for programs that are forward thinking and bring value to our members.

We Plan to:

Partner with the Kansas Leadership Center in promoting their program Your Leadership Edge.
Investigate programs that will help sustain the Chamber budget either to help maintain the dues investments by our members and/or impact the members’ bottom line and provide net income to the Chamber.

Action Plan 2:

Improve the branding and marketing of the Chamber through the utilization of technology.

We Plan To:

Work with the Visitors Bureau injunction with their new branding.
Determine appropriate staff members to manage technology.
Develop a marketing plan for the organization.

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