David Hurlocker

Why am I a part of the Emporia Area Chamber of Commerce?
We joined the chamber, like many others I imagine, in order to build our business. We hoped to be introduced to the community as a professional choice for their in-home health care needs. With our ribbon cutting that goal could have been checked off the list. Why then did we remain and renew our membership year after year?
That’s easy. The benefits to us as a business and to me as a small business owner have been more than I ever expected. I have access to training opportunities, networking gatherings, business promotion opportunities, political and economic updates, as well as access to some of the finest leadership training in the through their partnership with the Kansas Leadership Center.
The Chamber even gives me and my staff a much needed excuse to dust off the fancy clothes and enjoy a great evening of dinner and dancing each year.
When I have a question about an area of business leadership, I have access to a wealth of knowledge in my fellow members of the Emporia Area Chamber of Commerce. When I have a need for assistance, services or products, the Chamber Membership Directory has become my go-to resource helping me to shop at home. After all “AT-HOME is where you want to be.”
– David Hurlocker, Owner, AT-HOME Health Care.

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