Let’s Talk Business for March 1, 2024

One great idea can change the trajectory of your company. Did you know that the idea for the frappuccino — one of Starbucks’ most popular drinks — came from an employee? Amazing things can happen when you encourage employees to innovate and share their ideas about how the company can be improved. Here are ways … Read more

Let’s Talk Business for February 16, 2024

Today’s customers are savvier than ever, using artificial intelligence (AI) and YouTube to do their research before making a purchase. Data from HubSpot show that 71% of consumers prefer to gather information themselves rather than speaking with a human. This dynamic should change the way you and your team approach sales in 2024. Chat tools … Read more

Let’s Talk Business for February 9, 2024

Conventional wisdom suggests that being a successful entrepreneur means being open to every opportunity and making yourself available to everyone who needs you. In reality, being a “yes” machine is really just a recipe for being unfocused, spread too thin and burned out. While saying yes to things that are truly worth your time is … Read more

Let’s Talk Business for February 2, 2024

A new Department of Labor regulation that changes the way employers classify employees versus independent contractors is scheduled to take effect March 11. U.S. Chamber of Commerce policy experts Marc Freedman, Vice President, Employment Policy, and Tom Sullivan, Vice President, Small Business Policy, offer some clarity on this change. What is the difference between a … Read more

Let’s Talk Business for January 26, 2024

The process of managing small business finances can be time-consuming and challenging, from projecting cash flow and staying on top of monthly account reconciliation to preparing for tax season. Outsourcing these tasks to a reputable accounting services company at the right time can alleviate this burden while saving you valuable time and resources. As with … Read more

Let’s Talk Business for January 19, 2024

It’s been a holiday season full of surprises for retailers. Consumers not only surprised retailers with the strength of their spending, but they showed greater-than-expected willingness to use mobile apps, social media links, AI-powered product recommendations, and pay-over-time options to drive their spending. The shifts in consumer behavior over the holiday season will influence how … Read more

Let’s Talk Business for January 12, 2024

For many small business owners, the new year signals the start of tax season preparation. Now is the time to organize your financial statements and look for ways to reduce your annual tax bill. Many tax credit programs implemented during the COVID-19 pandemic are winding down, but there are also new opportunities to take advantage … Read more

Let’s Talk Business for January 5, 2024

There’s an art to handling gift returns and there are strategies to help you transform them into valuable opportunities for building customer loyalty and business growth. This week continues the list of practices to create an army of loyal customers. Ensure a consistent and seamless experience across all channels, whether customers make returns in-store or … Read more

Let’s Talk Business for December 29, 2023

You hate to see it coming—a customer with your bag in hand. You know where that’s headed. No matter how helpful you were or how great your products are, the holiday season isn’t a holiday without a wave of gift returns and exchanges. While it’s easy to view these transactions as inconveniences, savvy businesses recognize … Read more