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Leadership Emporia

Leadership Emporia is our traditional program.  Leadership Emporia brings together a diverse group of individuals from across the region once a year.   Learning is through powerful experiences that provides conceptual frameworks, skills, tools and ways of being consistent with a more purposeful and collaborative leadership approach.  Applications for Leadership Emporia are accepted July through mid-August with the program running from September through December with seven, one-day session.

Cost: $400

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Leadership Lite

Are you curious about Leadership Emporia?  An Alumnus of Leadership Emporia?  Then Leadership Lite is for you!  Leadership Lite is a series of four, two-hour workshops that will introduce you to the Kansas Leadership Center’s Principles:

  • Leadership is an activity, not a position
  • Anyone can lead, anytime, anywhere
  • It starts with you and must engage others
  • Your purpose must be clear
  • It’s risky.

Kansas Leadership Competencies:

  • Diagnose the situation
  • Energize Others
  • Manage Self
  • Intervene Skillfully

Leadership Lite is offered in the spring and is open to anyone from Emporia or the surrounding area interested in learning more about leadership.

 Cost: $99/person

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Personal and professional coaching has fast become one of the most popular forms of development in today’s society.  Growing your skills is critical for successful leadership and supervision. This is an outstanding way to develop yourself and/or your employees.

A coach will encourage a client to set goals. A coach will ask clients to stretch themselves and do more than they will likely do on their own.  A coach will help clients stay focused and produce results more quickly.  A coach will provide clients with tools, support and structure to accomplish all this and more. All done with complete confidentiality.

Cost: $80/hr

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Adaptive Skills Development

Do you have aspiring leaders transitioning into new positions? Are you in the process of change? Let us help you manage chaos and think differently about how you address adaptive challenges in your business.  We will listen to you and will be adaptive in developing a skills development strategy around your business, your plan, your goals and help you get the results you desire.

Cost: Based on plan developed

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