Community Internship Consortium Agreement

The Community Internship Consortium (CIC) provides internships in the Emporia area for ESU School of Business undergraduate students through the Emporia Area Chamber of Commerce. Students majoring in accounting, business administration, business data analytics, business education, computer science, entrepreneurship, information systems, marketing, and management are eligible for internships.

Each intern will provide the employer a minimum of 10 hours of work per week for 15 weeks (150 hours = 3 internship credit hours.)

The Employer agrees to:
– Employee the student(s) as their employee and is responsible for handling all paperwork of the employee including, but not limited to I-9, withholding taxes, and other liabilities in full.
– Student will be paid a minimum of $10/hour.
– No later than the 5th of each month invoice the Chamber for the $5 per hour for hours worked by the student(s) from the previous month, providing proper documentation of hours worked.
– Select one to three projects for the student(s) to complete.
– Complete an evaluation towards the end of the internship.

Emporia Area Chamber agrees to:
– Invoice ESU for the $5 reimbursement.
– Reimburse the business their portion by the 15th of each month, up to 150 hours of work.

ESU School of Business agrees to:
– Reimburse the business $5 per hour, per student(s), with payment coming through the Emporia Area Chamber of Commerce.
– Contact the business mid-term to ensure the internship is going well.

Thank you for your interest in participating in the Emporia State University School of Business and Emporia Area Chamber of Commerce/Ignite Emporia Community Internship Consortium.  Upon submission of the form below we will contact you to answer any questions you might have and work with you through the process of participating in this program.

CIC Agreement