Leadership Emporia Scholarship Application


2021 Scholarship Application

Limited Leadership Emporia Academy scholarship funds are available. The Selection Committee will award these funds based upon need.

Each request for scholarship funds must include:

  • Letter of Request
  • Letter of Recommendation from your employer, board president, or peer
  • Complete information below

Your request for scholarship funds must be received along with your application by the deadline. Late requests will not be considered.


Name: _______________________________________________________________________________

Company: ____________________________________________________________________________

Address: _____________________________________________________________________________

City: _______________________________________     Phone: _________________________________


Commitment to the Leadership Emporia Program:

_____   Yes     _____   No              I am committed to the Leadership Emporia Academy program and will attend the opening retreat and all sessions.

_____   Yes     _____   No              I understand that if I am awarded any scholarship funds that I and/or my employer will be responsible for any remaining registration fees.

_____   Yes     _____   No              I need to receive a full scholarship in order to participate in Leadership Emporia Academy.
Please explain in your Letter of Request the reason for requesting a full scholarship.


__________________________________________________________                                 _____________
Signature                                                                                                                                 Date