Operational Conditions & Agreement

The partition wall between the meeting rooms may only be opened or closed by Chamber staff.

Food and drinks are permitted. Please NO red or purple drinks. Spills on the carpet are to be reported to the Office Manager immediately.

Signs, banners and other decorations are not permitted to be pinned or taped to the walls, floor or ceiling of the ValuNet FIBER Smart Room without prior approval. Painters tape may be used. Easels may be used to display heavy signage.

Water, sand, gravel, confetti, glitter, paint, or like matter may only be used in decorations when secured in containers intended for the purposed of holding such materials. Balloons are allowed if NOT broken as part of an activity.

Miscellaneous supplies, i.e. flip charts, to be supplied by the reserving organization.

Groups using the ValuNet FIBER Smart Rooms are expected to take proper care of the facility. In the event of damage to the rooms or equipment, the reserving organization will be responsible for reimbursement, replacement, repair and/or cleaning.

The sale of alcoholic and cereal malt beverages is prohibited. For organizations desiring to serve alcohol in the Trusler Business Center: 1) events must be by invitation only; 2) those attending must be at least twenty-one years of age; 3) if alcohol is included in any manner in the price of the ticket for the event, the sponsor of the event is responsible for obtaining the temporary permits necessary for that event from appropriate governmental agencies.

For any event requiring catering, the sponsoring organization may make arrangements with the vendor of their choice. The sponsoring organization will be responsible for the set-up and clean up. The Chamber encourages the use of fellow Chamber members, a list of caterers is available.

Parking is available in the lot on Merchant Street between 7th & 8th Avenue . Parking spaces next to the alley are marked with a two-hour limit. You are encouraged to park in the center of the lot. Parking in front of the building is two-hour parking only. You will be ticketed by the city if you exceed the two hour limit. The Emporia Area Chamber of Commerce is not responsible for any parking violations.

Violations of these conditions may result in denial of future usage.