Christmas Parade


TBA this Fall

The parade is scheduled for December 1, 2020.



All parade entrants are asked to observe the following guidelines, and supply information where requested to assist the Parade and Dedication Committee in proper planning of the event. The ceremony and parade are religious as well as festive, and entrants are reminded to be knowledgeable of these guidelines for the safety and concerns of all involved.

1. Only one Santa Claus is allowed in the Parade. The Emporia Area Chamber of Commerce arranges for Santa’s appearance. *No artificial Santas or false representatives of any kind are allowed.

2. Candy, prizes, novelty items may be distributed along the route of the event. Distribution shall occur within fifteen feet (15’) of the curb line. Candy, prizes, novelty items shall not be thrown by participants, either from a float or other vehicle or by walkers. Participants that throw items may be fined and/or removed from the parade at the sole discretion of the Police Department.

3. All Parade participants must comply with current traffic laws and regulations. For everyone’s safety, we ask all motorized vehicles to refrain from excessive acceleration, wheelies, burnouts, etc. The Parade is for the community’s enjoyment – please be considerate.

4. All entries must have a Christmas theme or greeting.

5. Participants who want their entry to be judged for special awards (Parade Marshal’s, Chamber’s, etc.) must have their float assembled and in line in their designated location by 5:45 p.m.

6. For identification and line-up purposes, all Parade entrants shall display a 8 1/2 x 11-inch card bearing their entry number on the driver-side windshield of the entry or on the front side of any non-motorized (walking) entries. The Parade committee will assign entry numbers, and participants will be notified prior to the Parade. Final Parade placement is subject to change for best presentation during the Parade.

7. Commentators and the reviewing stand will be located in the 700 block of Commercial. In order to be identified for broadcast information, please slow down and make your entry number visible.

8. One vehicle (or “unit” as such) per business, please. (Does not include towing vehicle).

9. City of Emporia Parade guidelines require entries with livestock (dogs, horses, etc.) to provide their own street cleanup behind the entry.

10. Absolutely no alcoholic beverages or consumption of alcohol is permitted in the ceremony or Parade. Any participant judged to be in possession of or under the influence of alcohol, or any other substance, shall be asked to leave and subject to removal if not done.