Ignite Emporia’s First Investor


Emporia, KS – Ignite Emporia is excited to announce Vektek LLC as the first investor in our county-wide economic development initiative with a pledge of $100,000! Troy Estes and the management team of Vektek LLC are passionate about strengthening their community and believe in the mission of Ignite Emporia to address core elements of Lyon County to ensure long-term prosperity for its citizens. By investing in our local businesses and their workforce, engaging our youth, helping to develop workforce housing, and in enhancing our community brand Vektek LLC will continue to serve as a pillar of opportunity for Lyon County and the region for years to come.


Ignite Emporia is an inclusive community initiative built by stakeholders to strengthen the foundation of Lyon County. Leaders in Education, Business and Industry, and others throughout the community have come together to address Workforce Development, spark Housing Development and Revitalization, enhance Business Retention, and further Community Development and Marketing. Over 150 individuals have worked to develop the five-year Strategic Plan for Ignite Emporia. Investors are excited to participate and see the initiative as an opportunity to strengthen their businesses, enhance their community, and work with educators to provide the best opportunities for our youth coming out of the schools throughout Lyon County.