Let’s Talk Business: December 22, 2021

As the holiday shopping season comes to a close, small businesses are the solution for last-minute shoppers. As we help with the last-minute marketing push for small business, it’s important to share the “why” behind the Emporia Area Chamber’s effort to support small business.

We can thank a global pandemic for helping us realize the value of what exists in our own backyard. Supporting small business feels good but it also fuels growth. The stats are clear on why it makes sense to support small business. After all,

  • $68 out of every $100 spent locally stays in the community.
  • 61 million people are employed by small businesses, roughly 47% of US employees, according to the US Small Business Administration.
  • 90% of small businesses donate to local causes, according to Alignable.

Supporting small business does more than just help that business owner and their employees. Small businesses help us stand out and give flavor to our community. Cities often become known for their small businesses like restaurants, inns, boutiques, tourism spots, and more. Once an identity is built, it helps attract other businesses that see themselves as a good fit for the flavor and reputation of the area.

Small business owners have a fondness for their community. They enjoy helping local groups and schools. They support local teams and nonprofits. Theirs is a symbiotic relationship with our community and it’s beneficial to everyone who lives, works, and plays here.

Speaking of symbiotic relationship, a small business understands the importance of organizations like itself. Because they are more aware of the struggles of small companies, they support other small businesses. That’s part of the reason why $68 of every $100 spent locally stays local. Of course, it may be that small business owners also enjoy getting to know someone when they buy from them.

According to Guidant Financial, small businesses have happier employees. Maybe it’s because they’re more agile and can easily create an atmosphere employees respond to or maybe it’s because employees are closer and more invested in success outcomes because they’re more visible and more closely involved. Whatever the cause, 70% of employees of small businesses reported a happiness level of 5 or higher on a scale from 1-10.

The holiday season will soon be over, but the love you give to small businesses doesn’t have to be. Our small businesses are what make us different from every other town. They are ours to treasure, and if we don’t support them, we’ll lose much more than just another business. We’ll lose a piece of our town that no one can restore.

Please help us support small business and give them the attention they deserve and keep supporting them beyond the holidays. After all, we want them to be around this time next year, too.

It’s a great day in Emporia!



“Let’s Talk Business” is a weekly column of the Emporia Area Chamber of Commerce and Visit Emporia. The mission of the Chamber is to be proactive in creating an environment for business and community success, guided by the vision that positive attitudes promote positive actions. Contact us at 620-342-1600 or chamber@emporiakschamber.org and visit our website at www.emporiakschamber.org.