Let’s Talk Business: February 18, 2022

The nightly news is still dominated by hiring woes. Employers everywhere continue to scramble to find workers to fill open positions. Some companies have had to curtail business hours due to lack of personnel. The worker shortage impacts everyone.

As companies compete for a piece of the shrinking labor pool, it’s vital to stand out and make the best first impression. And that starts with the best job posting. There are key elements that will ensure some job descriptions not only stand out but attract the right potential employees as well.

A job posting headline needs to be heavy with key words, for example, the actual job title, like Customer Service Representative or Registered Nurse. Common job titles are more likely to attract applicants than made-up ones like Director of Satisfaction. Make that headline snap by highlighting what’s unique about the position. Customer Service Rep at Established Local Company conveys a sense of stability that would appeal to many job seekers.

A brief section about your organization’s mission, vision and values lends credence to the posting. The position you’re currently advertising for may not be a good match for some job seekers, but if they feel an affinity for your company’s style, they may inquire about other positions that would fit their qualifications. Keep it short and to the point but include a little bit about what your company stands for.

It’s not easy to write a good job responsibilities list. Usually, less is more. Try to prioritize the most important position requirements in four to six bullet points. These are the skills and experience that are absolutely required to perform the job successfully. Experts at Monster.com state, “Be specific about the skills and education that are required for the role and where there’s some flexibility.”

Salary and benefits are the two top factors that candidates consider before accepting a job offer. You are more likely to attract good candidates by being upfront about salary range and benefits, including perks like flexible hours, remote working, and training opportunities.

Arguably, the most important component of any job posting is how to apply! Be sure to include these key details somewhere in your job description: where the job is located; salary range; application deadline; and application instructions.

Candidates often spend hours scrolling through job postings. The more transparent you can be about your selection process and criteria, the more likely you are to get many qualified applicants. While creating a stand-out job posting can be time-consuming and sometimes a little frustrating, all that work is worth it when you attract job seekers who are competent and qualified.

It’s a great day in Emporia!



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