Let’s Talk Business: February 4, 2022

Whether your business has struggled or succeeded in the challenging business climate of the past couple of years, 2022 seems to be bringing things to a head. Whether it’s supply chain issues, inflation, or hiring difficulties, these trends are beyond any individual businessperson’s control.

There are newer trends on the ever-changing horizon as well. While you might not be able to control them either, resources and connections can help you find solutions that fit your particular business needs.

Most businesses have historically assessed their competition within a relatively small range, say, a within a fifty-mile area. Today, competitors are worldwide. Not only are customers comparing prices of goods and services across the country (and world), but potential employees are assessing company culture, company perks, employee benefits, and more against what is being offered around the world. It’s no longer valid to delay implementing something because ‘it hasn’t caught on here’: ‘here’ is no longer the town you are in. ‘Here’ is everywhere.

While marketing automation is not a new business trend, it has become a necessity in the sales nurturing process. Most businesses are going to have to embrace the technology or potentially lose out. The good news is that marketing automation is already incorporated into many platforms and apps your business may already be using. The key is to just dive in and set it up.

Most businesses feel quite strongly about offering remote work options. They either love it or hate the idea. Of course there are some businesses where remote work is not a possibility. But for the rest of us, hiring will be much easier if the remote option is offered. Managing a remote work force can be challenging. It requires a completely different skillset than face-to-face, and may require implementing collaboration tools and metrics that don’t currently exist in your business structure. Employers who offer remote work open up a vast employee recruiting pool that could provide a much-needed source of quality workers.

Businesses have had to adapt to a mountain of changes over the past two years. Some businesses have focused all their efforts on simply surviving. However, if your business might consider trying a new course of action or services, these trends could help you set a good direction for this new year.

You can contact Jeanine McKenna here at the Chamber and Rob Gilligan with Ignite Emporia to learn more about resources and services available right here in our town. Make it your mission this year to do more than survive; put your business on the right course to thrive.

It’s a great day in Emporia!



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