Let’s Talk Business for June 16, 2023

You may view social media as a way to find new customers, but it can also be a great way to connect with other businesses. Building a strong business network can pay off in a number of ways.

When you connect with another business owner, you begin building connections with their network. People like to recommend businesses they know and trust. If someone needs a product or service like the one you offer, you’re more likely to be referred for new business. Encourage this practice by referring other businesses in your network as well. This reciprocity will strengthen your relationship with other businesses, creating mutually beneficial relationships and helping raise your profile.

A frequently overlooked benefit of networking is the opportunity to learn and expand your current perspective. The business landscape is constantly changing If you never get out and talk to other people, it’s easy to fall into a rut where you keep using the same tactics day in and day out.

When you connect with other business owners, you gain access to new ideas that can help you maintain a competitive edge. You may learn about upcoming trends in your industry or new strategies for improving your business processes. Plus, you’ll have new connections you can turn to for advice or help.

Networking with other businesses can help you access a new audience and find new leads, opening doors to new business opportunities and collaborating with and leveraging new contacts in other industries. For example, by partnering with another business, you could gain access to a new market or geographic location.

Networking on social media gives you a chance to share your ideas and strategies with other business owners. By demonstrating your skills and expertise, you’ll start building your brand and demonstrating authority in your industry–and create a reputation for being someone who enjoys interacting with and helping other businesses. This type of credibility opens up new opportunities and resources–people want to do business with companies they trust.

Other businesses aren’t automatically your competition, and there’s much you can learn from other business owners. By connecting with other businesses on social media, you may find a mentor you can learn from or get an opportunity to mentor others and help them advance their businesses.

Of course, not everything is about business or making more money — by networking, you also develop personal relationships. Other business owners likely share similar values and interests as you. As a result, you may find that the business connections you make become some of the strongest and longest-lasting.

The Emporia Area Chamber of Commerce offers year-round opportunities to meet and connect with other businesses–for example, our Business After Hours events (the next one is August 24) and Group Lunch. A stress-free networking lunch at Chamber member dining establishments with fellow Chamber members, the next Group Lunch is coming up soon on July 5. Contact the Chamber at 620-342-1600 or visit or website at emporiakschamber.org or drop by the Trusler Business Center at 719 Commercial St. for more information.

“Let’s Talk Business” is a weekly column of the Emporia Area Chamber of Commerce and Visit Emporia. The mission of the Chamber is to be proactive in creating an environment for business and community success, guided by the vision that positive attitudes promote positive actions. Contact us at 620-342-1600 or chamber@emporiakschamber.org and visit our website at www.emporiakschamber.org.