Let’s Talk Business: January 14, 2022

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Flexibility. Isn’t that a hallmark of any successful business? Here at the Chamber, we’re expressing our flexibility in the face of rapidly changing COVID-19 conditions. Although we’d much prefer to hold our 124th Annual Meeting next week as planned, we are well aware of the current surge right here in Lyon County. Therefore, we chose to postpone the event until conditions are more favorable for Emporia’s largest business gathering.

The Chamber is hosting several events in the next few weeks; flexibility is the key with each of these, too. We hope to welcome you to a Ribbon Cutting for Bloom House Youth Services, Inc. on January 25 at 11:30 a.m., at 301 W. 11th Ave., and another Ribbon Cutting for Superior Roofing on February 1, at 722 W. 6th Ave., also at 11:30 a.m. We’re mindful of the need to be flexible based on current conditions, so watch our Chamber Events Calendar online at emporiakschamber.org.

Employee turnover has reached critical stages for many local businesses. The new year is a good time to get ahead of some of the challenges and keep your employees loyal to your business. The most important thing a leader can do is NOT make gut-based assumptions. High turnover correlates to many different causes. Thoughtfully review your HR data to figure out when and where the trend originated, then validate those findings with your employees and involve them in making course corrections.

As a leader, you set the vision that defines your organization and hopefully leads to positive bottom-line results. It’s also your job to ensure that your vision is well communicated and inspires your employees as well. The idea is to show them they can trust you, that you can help them, and that you truly care.

Along these same lines, it may be time to take a look at your company’s culture. How are you running the business? Are you communicating how much you value your team? Are employees engaged and getting the support they need? Employees need to feel motivated, valued, and fulfilled to be happy on the job, and company culture is the biggest factor.

One of the best ways to appreciate your employees is to listen…really listen to what they have to say. Acknowledge them; let them play to their strengths. Employees who feel appreciated are more resilient, more engaged, and less likely to leave. High turnover is indicative of employees who do not feel connected to the organization.

As their leader, you can immediately start engaging your employees and letting them know how they have a role in the vision and purpose of your organization. You can make 2022 the year of the satisfied employee where you work.

It’s a great day in Emporia!



“Let’s Talk Business” is a weekly column of the Emporia Area Chamber of Commerce and Visit Emporia. The mission of the Chamber is to be proactive in creating an environment for business and community success, guided by the vision that positive attitudes promote positive actions. Contact us at 620-342-1600 or chamber@emporiakschamber.org and visit our website at www.emporiakschamber.org.