Local men strive to be “SOS Strong”

Local men strive to be “SOS Strong”


While most men are not violent in their relationships, SOS believes that even one man is one too many. With this in mind, “SOS Strong” was created.

“SOS Strong” is a group of 10 men dedicated to helping SOS stop domestic violence and child abuse by raising $1,000 each to support SOS programs.

This all-male fundraiser was designed to show that men are more than abusers, controllers and runaway fathers. Children need to know men can be positive influences and compassionate people. The community needs to see that abuse is not just a woman’s problem, it’s everyone’s problem.

“SOS Strong gives these men the opportunity to raise money for programs that fight for safety every day,” said Connie Cahoone, SOS executive director. “They are standing up for someone in need and being positive upstanders and we sincerely appreciate them participating in this grassroots endeavor.”

“SOS Strong” members Scott Briggs, Tyler Curtis, Richard Duncan, Britton Hart, John Keosybounheuang, Joe Lauer, Bobby Thompson, Kyle Thompson, Ty Wheeler and Brent Windsor will strive to reach their $1,000 goal between Aug. 1 and 21.

For more information or to make a donation toward an “SOS Strong” member’s goal go to www.soskansas.com

From left to right: Britton Hart, John Keosybounheuang and Kyle Thompson



From left to right: Ty Wheeler, Richard Duncan and Tyler Curtis