Mary Ann Lawrence Explores the Multigenerational Workforce and Educates on Excellent Customer Service

Mary Ann Lawrence is the President and CEO of The Center for Workforce Learning.   Mary Ann has extensive experience in workforce development with over 35 years at the local, state, and national levels of the system in leadership positions.   Mary Ann was appointed by the Secretary of Commerce and served on the 2001 and 2002 Board of Examiners for the Malcolm Baldrige Quality Award responsible for reviewing and selecting award recipients for high-performing businesses.

Mary Ann has worked to train and provide technical assistance to U.S. Department of Labor employees in continuous improvement efforts at both the national level and regional offices.  Mary Ann played a significant role in design and delivery of USDOL One Stop Training including linking the work done from State to State related to occupational learning objectives for staff working in the one stop environment. In addition, she completed a research project related to resources available to assist local and state areas in staff training and development. Mary Ann serves as a professional coach in helping One-Stop areas and executives develop and enhance strategies for successful Workforce Investment Act deployment.

Mary Ann has a Business Administration Degree and is also certified in Task Analysis and Curriculum Design. She has extensive experience in non-profit leadership having been the Executive Director of a central Indiana Workforce Investment Board and the Executive Director of the Maryland Institute for Employment and Training Professionals. She founded The Center for Workforce Learning in 1994.  She has been recognized nationally with the Professional Development Award in 1995 from the National Association of Workforce Development Professionals (NAWDP).

She serves on the NAWDP Board of Directors and was is Vice-Chair and a member of the Executive Committee.  In addition, Mary Ann served for two years as a member of an advisory council, Professional Workforce Development Panel, established to advise the Department of Labor on capacity building issues system wide. During her two-year term Mary Ann served as a member of the Panel’s executive team.

In addition to executive leadership coaching, Mary Ann has extensive experience in non-profit board development, volunteerism systems, and fund development activities. Mary Ann does both Board and staff training in a vast array of subjects. Mary Ann specializes in strategic planning, business plan development, marketing plans, organizational development, team building, balanced scorecard creation, board development, mystery shopping of one-stops, fee-for-service activities, chartering and certification of workforce systems, and third party organizational evaluations. She facilitates planning for a variety of groups including welfare reform, school-to-work, vocational rehabilitation, community based organizations, economic development, educational institutions and one-stops. Mary Ann has been active in helping local and State Workforce Investment Boards establish the reengineering needed at each level to successfully administer, manage, and operate all functions within the workforce development system.

MaryAnn Is the Author of “Defining Moments” which is a keynote topic loved by thousands nationwide.

Mary Ann puts “fun” in organizational development and a dash of humor in reengineering!

Join Mary Ann Lawrence as she examines our multigenerational workforce and explores  why exemplary customer service is essential to a high performing business.

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