Sherry Harrison Named Director of Ignite Emporia

EMPORIA, KAN. – The Emporia Area Chamber of Commerce and Visit Emporia is pleased to announce that Sherry Harrison has been selected as the Director of Ignite Emporia.

Sherry will continue the work of implementing a five-year Ignite Emporia strategic plan and its strategies of workforce development; housing development and revitalization; business retention; and community development and marketing.

Sherry has significant experience with commercial and residential real estate development, as well as general corporate transactions. In 2009, she completed an internship working with Dr. Beverly Browning, a nationally known grant writer and capacity building expert. Since that time, she has worked with two large counties writing grant applications, managing federal grant projects, and community development.

Jeanine McKenna, President/CEO of the Emporia Area Chamber of Commerce says, “Sherry brings a wealth of knowledge to our team, and I am confident you will see her as a valuable addition to our staff. This is evidence that we are committed to implementing a successful Ignite Emporia plan.”

Sherry stated, “It is an honor to join Ignite Emporia and the Chamber of Commerce family. With a commitment to “doing what we say we are going to do,” I look forward to working with the business community to implement the initiatives of the Ignite Emporia Strategic Campaign.”

Sherry began her new role on June 2, 2022.