Movement. It is so wonderful to see the world in motion once again. We have been moving through this year, what seems to me, to be quite quickly. We have seen the return of the Dynamic Discs Open, UNBOUND Gravel, JR Disc Golf Worlds, and many more events. Yet, we keep on moving as we head towards the second half of the year and more events to come. We seem to be moving towards more arts and cultural events in the latter part of the year with Halfway to Everywhere, No Coast Film Festival, and Día de los Muertos on the horizon. When I think about the number of amazing events, both large and small, I am reminded of how special this community is. We are fortunate to have wonderful opportunities to celebrate with our community members and visitors alike.

Speaking of movement, Emporia has never been easier to get around. You have likely seen the Bird scooters around, predominantly downtown. These are a nice addition to the free bike share program that we have. With LCAT, our public transport service, there are opportunities for all to move uninhibited around Emporia. If you haven’t lately, come downtown and move around our great city with a fresh new perspective on a bike or scooter. Whatever your mode of transportation, get out and appreciate what a vibrant and active community we have!