EmporiaNext – Moving Emporia professionals forward!

EmporiaNext was created to foster community awareness and networking, targeting young professional that want to become more involve in the community. The goal is to get the younger portion of the working population in Emporia educated and involved in the community. Our mission is to promote and offer innovative ways for young professionals to expand their professional horizons by addressing the unique challenges that younger individuals face in forming career and social connections in the Emporia Area. As a long-term goal, we want employers and the community to utilize EmporiaNext as a way to introduce prospective, new, and current employees and residents to Emporia. The objectives of EmporiaNext are to create and cultivate our future leaders, provide education and professional development opportunities, providing understanding of the community while working to keep our young professionals in Emporia, creating networking opportunities, providing an outlet for volunteer information and opportunities and building awareness of governmental processes and issues. Emporia Next is designed to engage an emerging group of leaders committed to personal growth and career development while serving Emporia and the surrounding area.
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