37th Leadership Emporia Academy Applications Are Now Being Accepted

Plans are being made for the 37th Class of Leadership Emporia Academy.  Applications are now available online at https://emporiakschamber.org/leadership-emporia-3/ and at the Trusler Business Center, 719 Commercial.  If you would like to nominate a candidate for the class, call the Chamber office with their name and address and request that an application be sent to them.

Since its inception in 1989, the Emporia Area Chamber of Commerce has taken pride in presenting the Leadership Emporia Academy, boasting an impressive alumni network of over 685 individuals from 36 previous classes. The program’s ethos revolves around mobilizing individuals towards a collective purpose for the greater good, fostering adaptability in businesses, organizations, and communities alike.

 What Leadership Emporia Academy Represents:

  1. Equipping participants with the skills and strategies to foster collaborative environments for positive change.
  2. Encouraging individuals to confront and address challenging inquiries regarding both personal and communal spheres.
  3. Providing transformative experiences that furnish participants with conceptual frameworks, practical skills, and a collaborative leadership mindset.

What Leadership Emporia Academy Doesn’t Entail:

  1. Merely networking, although valuable connections are inevitable and enduring.
  2. Solely acquainting oneself with Emporia, despite the program offering insights into the community.
  3. Remaining stagnant in its approach since its inception; the program has evolved significantly since 1989.

Leadership Emporia Academy begins with a two-day opening retreat on Thursday, September 19, and Friday, September 20, 2024, followed by five sessions held October through December. The public is invited to join the class in celebrating the completion of all their sessions on Friday, December 13th.

Participants must attend all sessions in order to complete the program.  Leadership Emporia Academy is open to anyone interested in wanting to learn more about exercising leadership on deep, daunting, adaptive challenges.  Please mark the dates of each session on your calendar now to insure your availability if you are applying.

Opening Retreat:  September 19 & 20

Session One:  October 3

Session Two:  October 17

Session Three:  October 31

Session Four:  November 14

Session Five:  December 5

Celebration Luncheon:  December 13

To learn more about Leadership Emporia Academy, call Jeanine McKenna at 342-1600.  Or email to jmckenna@emporiakschamber.org.

The applications deadline is July 26, 2024.