Meet Torell Flickinger

My friends call me a fashionista but I say PASSIONista. People, that’s my passion. When I was growing up, the golden rule didn’t always apply in our household. My parents continually said treat people the best you can because you can, not because they deserve it or because you want something from them. These words … Read more

Gaining Control of a Social Media Disaster

  Unless you’ve been unplugged from electronics and the news recently, you’ve undoubtedly seen the unfolding of the corporate PR nightmare involving Subway’s success story, and former poster boy, Jared Fogle. Even if your businesses doesn’t have the ad budget of Subway, you can still run into issues on social media that require some delicate … Read more

Johnny the Bagger: A Customer Service Story

  Several years ago when I was with Walmart I attended one of our conventions. A motivational speaker at the convention shared the story of “Johnny the Bagger.” The presenter was hired by a large supermarket chain to lead a customer service program, and she shared that experience with us. In her presentation to the … Read more


EASCAR Night Gentlemen start your engines!! Attention all NASCAR fans 21 and over!!! Join the fun of EASCAR night . . . that’s Emporia Area Stock Car Auto Racing.  It’s a community watch party of the Saturday night Charlotte NASCAR race, October 10, 2015 from 5:00 to 11:00 p.m. at the newly remodeled Anderson Building … Read more

Career Management: Relationship Building

Career Management: Relationship Building Building relationships, networking, getting to know more people to grow your business.  Call it what you want; it is one of the main reasons many join the Chamber.  Brian Tracy, internationally known author specializing in training and development of individuals and organizations, states: “according to the laws of probabilities, the greater … Read more

Kyle Thompson is SOS Strong

Kyle Thompson is SOS Strong   Kyle Thompson explains why the SOS Strong Campaign is important to him:   When I was asked to join the SOS 10 Men Strong campaign I knew right away that the cause was important and something I wanted to be a part of. I was raised by great parents and … Read more

Are You a Leader? Yes, I Mean You!

Are You a Leader?  Yes, I mean YOU! By Vanda Stephens, Office Manager What a question to start this conversation off with, but hang here with me for a while. Our old friend Webster tells us Leadership is a noun, a position as a leader of a group, organization, etc.  Sorry Webster, but that is … Read more

7 Numbers You Should be Tracking in Your Digital Marketing

7 Numbers You Should be Tracking in Your Digital Marketing Digital marketing, or web marketing, and social media have a very low cost to entry but that doesn’t mean we should ignore tracking our investment and return. While ROI is not entirely possible when it comes to measuring the success of a relationship and loyalty, … Read more

Shop Local: 9 Father’s Day Gift Ideas

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